The logistics sector is experiencing a period of change never before seen. The new technologies have arrived to the sector to become key elements within the value chain. Consumers are more demanding and the online purchase requires, on one hand, immediate transport and logistics service and, on the other, very competitive prices.

The users of new technologies have a purchasing process that is different from the traditional and expect to have the products they just bought here and now.

These facts, far from collapsing the sector in a dark period of searching for a new way of doing things, has provoked a redefinition of the model generating continuous growth in recent years, consolidating logistics and transport as a company’s competitive advantage.

The characteristic of the sector is characterized by the continuous and constant relationship between supplier, logistics company, carrier and end customer. It is a scenario in which many parties come together and fluid communication is transcendental.

Within this framework, the flow of digital documents is fundamental for the optimization and efficiency of processes. Therefore, document interchange in EDI format has become the crucial solution for efficiency in the communication between the actors of the chain.

Some clients of the logistics sector

In eDiversa Group there is a solution for you.

The solutions that eDiversa Group offer for the implementation of the EDI are multiple and varied. They all guarantee the delivery and reception of commercial and logistics documents through certified operators.