Industry is one of the main pillars of the Spanish economy. Although it encompasses such diverse activities as food or production or distribution of materials for professional use, they all face the same challenge: to join the fourth industrial revolution.

The sector is at a key moment for its future. The fourth industrial revolution is already a reality and Spanish industry cannot be left behind. And what is its mission? To update and incorporate digital technologies to transform production and management processes from start to finish.
The main challenges facing Spanish industry to move towards comprehensive digitization are investment in R&D and new technologies, and the training of its human capital. Giving this sector the digital skills necessary to be able to carry out its industrial revolution will be key to ensuring the survival of its industrial fabric.

The electronic interchange of commercial documents in EDI format is one of the principal solutions adopted by the administrative departments of industries. With the implementation of EDI, they have been able to optimize their processes and increase the fluidity of their relations among all participants of the chain of value.

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