The distribution sector is one that has historically used EDI to optimize its procedures of commercial and logistics documentation. For this, the degree of implementation of EDI in this sector is very high.

It has been proven that the unification of document management systems in a standard and certified format improves the efficiency of the chain of value of the entire sector. The EDI system, based on standard languages and through certified operators, has unified all the actors in the chain of distribution with the goal of optimizing commercial and logistics transactions of the sector.

The distribution sector opted for the EDI system due to necessity to use standard systems and to be able to interchange multiple documents such as orders, despatch advices, invoices, catalogues, etc.

In the electronic system, large buyers integrate suppliers and manufacturers of multiple specialized sectors, so that companies in diverse areas such as food, cosmetics, leather goods, fashion, etc. use EDI as an electronic interchange system of commercial and logistics documents.

However, even though EDI is the system with the highest level of implementation in the sector, it is not the only one given that buyers and suppliers complement this system with other standard ones to interchange electronic invoices.

Some clients of the distribution sector

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