One of the great pillars of the Spanish industry is the Automotive, a strategic sector for the country’s economy. The automotive sector has been historically characterized for its excellence, innovation and technological differentiation.

In the middle of the 70s, there was a general implementation in the West of the Just in Time (JIT) philosophy, coming from the Japanese culture, which introduced a revolutionary methodology in the organization of intelligent and efficient production in factories, generating an increase in productivity and quality and transforming the entire sector.

In this context, having a network of reliable suppliers is fundamental for the good operation of JIT and electronic document interchange has become a key part of the process. It is for this that EDI is the system in the sector that involves all the actors of the supply chain (manufacturers, suppliers and logistics) and has become a fundamental factor for the process of continuous improvement that the sector is constantly experiencing.

This sector uses diverse standards for document interchange with the most extensive promoted by Odette, a European organization for the promotion of standards in the automotive sector.

Some clients of the Automotive sector

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