Our platform_

The eDiversa Group platform was built with the most technologically advanced standards and multiplies the connection capacity of our clients.

The technology used in each one of the processes that makes up our service platform is our own, which gives us enormous flexibility when developing specific solutions to resolve the particular needs of our clients.

Compatible and flexible_

The eDiversa Group platform supports the majority of the standards currently used for electronic document interchange and electronic messaging, both national and international and is prepared to incorporate whatever is implemented in the future.

Specialists in EDI, Electronic Invoice, SII, etc... and we adapt to any format, proprietary or specific, that our clients need to interchange.

Our Platform_

A complete infrastructure of interconnections connect our platform to the world.

This complete infrastructure of interconnections makes it possible for our clients to interchange electronic messages with all their contacts, regardless of the network or standard they use. A single technological supplier for all their needs.

Connected to other EDI networks, both national and international, electronic invoicing platforms, e-commerce sectorial platforms, General Entry Points of Electronic Invoices (PGEF) of the public administrations, FACeB2B, AEAT, etc...


The platform of eDiversa Group connects using any existing standard communication protocol such as FTP, SMTP, OFTP1, OFTP2, AS2, Web Service, X400...

In addition to others mentioned, in eDiversa Group we have the flexibility to incorporate those that the market and our clients require in the future.