July 2022 is an important date in the history of eDiversa Group: the first elections have been called to choose the employee representatives.

As part of the growth process that the company is undergoing and thanks to the trust placed in us by our clients during these almost two decades, eDiversa Group has reached a new milestone. The exponential increase of the staff during the last years has motivated us to create an organization to represent our employees.

What motivations have encouraged this process of change?

The initiative came from the workers with two principal objectives.

  • Ensure that communication between the company and its workers is fluid, transparent and bidirectional.
  • Develop an equality plan to reduce the gender gap in the sector that applies to our company, ICT.

In terms of communication, one of the dangers to which companies are exposed in times of high internal growth is the loss of communication between management and employees. One of the missions of the workers' committee will be to ensure good relations between workers and to promote transparency of all information generated in the eDiversa Group environment. In addition to continuing to guarantee the best possible working conditions for the well-being of all who are part of this company.

eDiversa Group, as a company integrated in the ICT sector, had already shown interest in developing a plan for equality and equity in the workplace. This plan aims to retain the best female talent and enhance the company's corporate social responsibility. Other issues addressed in the creation of an equality plan include access to employment, personal classification, promotion, training, remuneration, work-life balance and harassment at work. Along these same lines, we have joined the GetHub project, promoted by the Barcelona City Hall.

We thank the workers who have submitted themselves as candidates for their willingness to assume the position and we are sure that the chosen three will represent everyone to the best of their abilities.