"The human spirit must prevail over technology"

Albert Einstein




Help companies of any size and sector to improve their management processes through global technological solutions for electronic document interchange.


Position ourselves as an integral service supplier of document interchange and management that facilitates commercial and logistics transactions sustainably and efficiently.

We want to contribute actively to the digital transformation that is happening all over the planet, uniting the latest technology with the commitment to society and the environment.


  • Orientation to the client

    We work to satisfy and be loyal to our clients, our true reason to be.

  • Trust

    In human relationships, both personal and professional.

  • Human team

    Integrity, commitment and passion, the main assets of our company.

  • Transparency

    In the treatment of our clients and collaborators as well as internal relations.

  • Excellence and quality

    In all that we do, to offer the best experience to clients and employees.

  • Ethical behavior

    We act with responsibility, honesty and integrity so that our decisions make a positive impact on society.

  • Innovation

    The key to key our commitment with the client, always bringing our best.

  • Sustainability and respect for the environment

    For a green planet in which companies and people live together in harmony with our natural surroundings.

Where are we going_

We are immersed in the fourth industrial revolution. Digital, physical and biological technologies converge to show us a world that is different than the one we know. We are living the transformation of the current economic model. In eDiversa Group, we believe in a new paradigm that is more equitable, creative and based on innovation and continuous progress. We feel that the world could be a more honest, fair and sustainable place and we work every day for it to be that way.

Source of the video: World Economic Forum

Integrated Management System Policy_

Intercambio Electrónico de Documentos S.L., as an integral supplier of electronic document interchange services, follows the principles of action explained below, in the exercise of our activity and to guarantee the fulfillment of the standards of quality demanded by our clients, in agreement with the specifications of our services, to the legislation in force and to the regulatory dispositions that apply to us, within the framework of our strategic planning:

  • Orientation to the Client

    Act with absolute orientation to the Client, complying with their needs and minimizing the risks associated with the provision of our services, with the goal of gaining maximum satisfaction and trust.

  • Excellence in service

    Provide our services with the maximum level of excellence, guaranteeing their availability and continuity and implementing processes of innovation and continuous improvement to offer the best experience to our clients.

  • Trained and motivated team

    Consolidate our staff as a key value in the company, improving training and promoting their motivation through teamwork and the active participation in decision making.

  • Corporate ethics

    Promote ethical behavior in all of the company’s action, both internal and external. Foster diversity, equality of opportunities and defend the protection of human rights.

  • Security and well-being of our personnel

    Guarantee the security and well-being of our personnel, through continuous improvement in the prevention of occupational risks and contributing to creating a better work environment, both internally as well as in the relation with clients, collaborators and suppliers.

  • commitment to the environment

    Contribute to the sustainability of our surroundings, preserving natural resources and minimizing the generation of waste in the development of our activity, through the efficient use of raw material and energy resources.

  • Transparency

    Act with total transparency in our work, both with our clients and collaborators as well as in internal relations, respecting legislation and applicable regulations and preserving the confidentiality of the data we manage.

  • Confidentiality and security of information

    Ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the information handled in the development of our activity, in strict compliance with applicable regulations.

This policy is complemented by the objectives of information quality and security approved annually and is available to all interested parties through publication on our corporate website.

Barcelona, March 12, 2019


General Manager