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  • eDiversa Group attends the Electronic Invoice World Summit

    At the beginning of October, we had a date in Dublin at the E-invoicing Exchange Summit, the most relevant event in the area of Electronic Invoicing in Europe.

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  • The Create and Grow Law and its benefits for SMEs

    With the publication of the technical draft of the Create and Grow Law, one can guess the necessary requirements for the implementation of the compulsory electronic invoice between companies and freelance workers of the country.

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  • Scenario of the Electronic Invoice in the construction sector

    We’ve been expecting that the Electronic Invoice would play a key role in the country's business fabric, which is in the middle of a digitalization process. Until now, it had only been established as mandatory for transactions with the Public Administrations and, more specifically in the construction sector, for transactions within the framework of public buildings. However, everything was leading to its eventual implementation in the B2B scenario.

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