The company's history began in 2004 under the name eDiversa, as a provider of high value-added EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions. Over time, the market and customer needs have evolved and, consequently, our solutions have adapted and grown to meet them. With the intention of offering a comprehensive service for the digitization of business processes, in 2020, thanks to the acquisition of Omatech and the founding of DataJuice, the company consolidated as a group and evolved into what it is today: eDiversa Group.

Currently, eDiversa Group is positioned as a global provider of digitization, exchange and document management services. Our six lines of business include the following services: certified EDI operator, collaborator of the AEAT for the management of the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) and the management of Special Taxes accounting (SILICIE). We have our own integral platform for Electronic Invoicing and various sectorial platforms that allow us to cover all kinds of needs and casuistry. In addition, our expertise allows us to offer solutions of Developments and Custom Applications to respond to any digital project.

Discover all the solutions that eDiversa Group can offer you:

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

What is it?
The Electronic Document Interchange is a method based on standards and regulations, both national and international that define and regulate the way companies interchange different types of commercial documents in a secure environment.

At eDiversa Group, we offer EDI solutions both manual as well as integrated with any internal management system. These are apt for companies of any sector and size.

Electronic Invoice

What is it?
The electronic invoice is still an invoice, just as valid as a traditional paper invoice, but is sent and received electronically. 

The Electronic invoice solutions from eDiversa Group can be manual or integrated with any internal management system. These are apt for companies of any sector and size, as well as for managing both the delivery and reception of invoices.


What is it?
The Immediate Supply of Information is a VAT management system supported by the Spanish Tax Agency that allows one to almost immediately file a Vat tax return.

SII is obligatory for all those companies that invoice more than six million euros annually, those companies registered in the REDEME and for professionals who pay taxes under the special VAT group system.

The Immediate Supply of Information (SII) by eDiversa Group connects with all the Spanish Tax Agencies: AEAT, Regional agencies and Canary Islands.


What is it?
SILICIE is the accounting system of products subject to excise taxes through the AEAT's Electronic Headquarters.
It is mandatory for companies that store, manufacture, transport, move or market products subject to payment of excise taxes such as factories, tax warehouses, tax warehouses, receiving warehouses and vinegar factories.

The SILICIE service from eDiversa Group connects with the Spanish Tax Agencies.


What is it?
It is the eDiversa Group specific platform for the construction sector, a tool that manages all the documents on a project.
It facilitates and simplifies the management of administrative documents exchanged between contractors, suppliers and industrialists in the context of a construction project.

The platform facilitates the exchange and traceability of all documents. Users will be able to see their status at all times, therefore facilitating the management of the entire process.

Personalized Developments

What are they?
Non-standard digital developments that offer specific solutions for specific needs.
We develop complex websites, hybrid mobile applications, platforms and diverse digital environments.

Flexible and modular solutions for any type of digital project that can be integrated with internal management systems.

We’d love to help you out with any of your needs, as well as provide guidance without any obligation on which of our solutions is the most suitable for your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us!