The business technology magazine, CIOApplications Europe, which acts as a platform for debate and reflection on innovative business solutions, has published its special anual edition that includes a ranking of companies offering e-invoicing solutions and the eDiversa Group is in the Top 10!

Electronic Invoicing landscape

Electronic invoicing has become one of the most strategic steps that organizations are taking towards the digitization of their administrative processes. At this point, they are faced with the need to have solutions that adapt to the particularities of each company.

What does this recognition mean?

Being a part of this ranking credits us with being one of the main actors in the market and endorses the solvency of our solutions to meet the e-invoicing needs of companies. Additionally, it recognizes the capability of eDiversa Group to adapt to the complexities of the market.

Why are we part of the Top10?

In recent years, eDiversa Group has been consolidating its presence in the market and has positioned itself as a reference in Spain as an integral provider of solutions for the electronic document interchange and document management.

Currently, in Europe there are diverse standards that make it difficult for the generalized expansion of electronic invoicing solutions. Within this context, we believe it is vital for the definition of a global framework that looks to create interoperability and the use of a single standard format.

At eDiversa Group we are prepared to adapt to this new framework quickly and successfully. Our technological infrastructure already has more than 40 interconnections with other service operators, Public Administrations, sectorial platforms, etc., both nationally and internationally.

Our solutions adapt to any type of company, regardless of size, sector of activity or geographical location. From manual solutions for small and medium-sized companies, to solutions integrated with Internal Management Systems that work in an automated and unassisted way to manage large volumes of documents. This fact, added to the handling of all existing international standards, makes us the right supplier to meet any need.

This edition of the magazine, CIOApplications includes an in-depth interview with our CCO, Jaume Escandell, where he reflects on the trajectory and path eDiversa Group has followed to consolidate its role as a reference in the sector.

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