In our mission to be and continue being a cutting-edge technological company, we want to share the renewal of a grand achievement with you: the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has recertified us with the seal of Innovative SME which recognizes the effort of our team to give the market and you, as our client, innovative services and tools tailored to every need.

Innovation is in our DNA and the Ministry has endorsed it. In 2020, we received this accreditation thanks to the development of platforms focused on improving the features and optimizations of the client management processes. The first certification gave us the push to continue working daily with the goal of becoming leaders in this market. Technology must adapt to the speed of change of clients’ needs.

This time, we have focused on bringing improvements in the supply chain processes of the retail sector. This sector needs to maintain a wide network of suppliers and customers. This requires the implementation of efficient document management strategies. Our solutions ensure the coordination and organization of all processes involved in the supply chain, from product acquisition to end-customer satisfaction. This complex web of business relationships and logistics operations requires meticulous attention to documentation, from order processing to inventory management, in order to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the retail business in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market.

From eDiversa Group, throughout the upcoming years, we will continue working to deserve this recognition. To do this, we will carry on offering our clients state-of-the-art solutions in technology and in the satisfaction of their needs.