Inmediate supply of accounting records for special taxes.

It’s an accounting system for products subject to special taxes (alcohol, tobacco and hydrocarbons) and also the raw materials used for their manufacture. used through the online systems of the AEAT.

The start up of the SILICIE systems is forecasted for January 1, 2020.

From September 15, 2019 the AEAT establishes a test environment for users to perform the necessary tests.
The SILICIE system is for all those that store, manufacture, transport, handle or commercialize products subject to special taxes. These are:
  • Factories.
  • Fiscal deposits.
  • Fiscal warehouses.
  • Receiving deposits.
  • Vinegar factories.
  • Declarations of operations will not be required when the accounting of special taxes is done through the AEAT online.
  • Omission of model 570 for declarations of operations for hydrocarbons.
  • Omission of models 553 and 548 for manufacturers of alcohol derivatives or products with alcohol.
  • Increased reliability due to accounting entries being error-free.
  • Better control of transactions with the Public Administration.
  • Legal custody of accounting books.
  • Improvement in company management processes.
eDiversa, through its comeDiTAX hub, incorporates the solution for SILICIE so obligated companies can send their accounting entries, object of SILICIE, to the AEAT online.

The eDiversa SILICIE solution automates the processes of creation and delivery of accounting records for special taxes.

The platform processes files sent by users and transforms them into the format required by the Tax Agency (XML format). It later sends them to the AEAT online which will validate and store them.

Through the AEAT response system, the user will receive different validations offering the following responses: accepted or rejected. The eDiversa platform also informs of the specific errors given by the AEAT.