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Do you need to implement an electronic document interchange solution in your company?
In eDiversa, we offer you our experience to help identify the factors that determine the success or the failure of the project.
What are your objectives?
It is important to define the objectives to achieve with the project, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
How do we plan the different phases or milestones of the project?
We help you plan the different phases of your project, identifying the milestones and establishing an implementation calendar.
What is the best technological set-up?
Our platform offers diverse possibilities to adapt technology to your project so it's more efficient and in line with the proposed objectives.
Should clients and suppliers be involved so that the project is successful?
Without a doubt, their participation is essential in the project's success. eDiversa can help you with the technical and communication aspects.
Tell us about your project and, with no obligation, we'll tell you how we can help.