SILICIE is coming: Suministro Inmediato de Libros Contables de Impuestos Especiales (Immediate Supply of Accounting Records for Special Taxes).
Next January 1st, 2020, the Spanish tax agency will implement a new special tax accounting system called SILICIE.
New validations and errors in the SII
Recently, the Tax Agency has published a new document which explains in detail, new validations that will be obligatory starting October 1, 2019 within the SII framework.
Google closes Google Plus
eDiversa stops publishing content in Google Plus due to closing of the social network.
The obligatory nature has come into effect for the European public administrations to process and receive invoices
The public administrations of the European Union are obligated to process and receive electronic invoices starting April 18 in all B2G operations.
The Catalan employers’ association, Cecot launches their new Servei de Facturació Electrònica, their electronic invoicing service portal together with eDiversa.
Starting April 1st, Cecot offers its new Electronic Invoice service to all its associates.
Diversa has benefited from the European Regional Development Fund
Certification process of ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security with the help of the European Regional Development Fund.
FACe incorporates the European Union’s standard formats for electronic invoicing
The formats UBL 2.1 and CII (cross industry invoice) incorporate in FACe to comply with the European regulation going into force April 18
Italy, the first European country to implement the B2B electronic invoice between private companies.
The Italian government is the first European government to implement the compulsory use of B2B invoices between private companies and is one of the most advanced in B2G electronic invoices.
Portugal extends the deadline to implement the electronic invoice on a state-wide level
The new Decree 123/2018 establishes that the central Public Administrations should have their systems adapted to receive and process the electronic invoice model by April 18, 2019.
The Electronic Invoice becomes compulsory in the of Castilla-La Mancha parliament regardless of the amount.
Starting January 1, 2019, all legal entities that have to issue invoices for goods or services to the Castilla-La Mancha parliament will have to do so electronically, no matter their total.
Austria, Poland and Portugal prepare for the electronic invoice
Austria, Poland and Portugal finish preparations for the implementation of the electronic invoice in the EU starting April 2019.
eDiversa moves its headquarters to the center of Barcelona
eDiversa has moved its headquarters to the center of the city of Barcelona in response to the company’s constant growth
eDiversa offers an invoice financing service to its clients.
eDiversa is incorporating a new service linked to invoice issuing together with their new official partner: NoviCap. It deals with the financing of its invoices in a 100% on-line process.
New law for Electronic Invoices in the relationship between contractors and subcontractors of the Public Administration
The law comes into effect on July 1, 2018.
The Canary Islands joins the SII
The Canary Island tax council has given a date for the implementation of the SII to control the recording of the IGIC through the electronic headquarters of the Canary Tax Agency.
Industry 4.0 is a reality in 2018.
Industry 4.0 is a reality in 2018. It will be demonstrated in the upcoming virtual tradeshow,
2018 is the year of the European Electronic invoice
At the end of 2018, the European Union has set the objective for the implementation of a standard electronic format for the transaction of invoices with the European public entities
eDiversa and CECOT sign a collaboration agreement.
Yesterday, January 9th, 2018, was the formal signing of the collaboration agreement between the secretary general of the Catalan employers’ association CECOT, David Garrofé and the sales director of eDiversa, Jaume Escandell,
eDiversa is organizing an informative Webinar about the SII: “SII Comes to the Regional Areas”
Date and time of the event: 18 of October at 11h
23% of companies required to use SII still don’t know the law.
According to a study by an information technology consulting company on digital transformation of Spanish companies, 23% of companies required to use SII aren’t familiar with the law that obligates them to electronically declare VAT.
Navarra joins the SII
January 1, 2018 is the date chosen for the Navarro territory to join the SII.
The Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan government) obligates all its suppliers to issue their invoices in facturae format.
All the suppliers of the Generalitat, no matter the amount of their invoices, must issue them in facturae format.
The AEAT makes effective the rectification of invoices through charges and credits in the SII
Finally, the request of various business associations has had an effect on the AEAT.
Modification of the VAT regulation
Modifications have been made to the VAT regulation that will affect the period to request termination of REDEME subscription.
eDiversa, authorized agent of the Tax Agency.
Today, the Tax Agency has finalized the formalities and signed a regulated agreement with eDiversa
Conference on SII at the Industrial Engineers Professional Association of Catalonia.
Jaume Escandell, the Sales and Business Development Manager of eDiversa talked about the Immediate Information Supply.
Collaboration agreement between Ekamat-Dynamics NAV and eDiversa
Ekamat and eDiversa signed a collaboration agreement to offer Immediate Information Supply service.
The Spanish Tax Agency acknowledges that the SII implementation plan is very demanding.
62,000 companies are obligated to declare VAT, starting July 1st through the Tax Agency Electronic Office.
Catalonia’s health sector is advancing quickly towards the complete digitalization of its documentary processes.
The Xarxa Sanitària Santa Tecla of Tarragona (Santa Tecla Health Network) has reached an agreement with eDiversa for the implementation of an EDI system.
Next year electronic VAT will be enforced.
This measure is a modernization of the record books that allows electronic declaration of VAT almost instantly.
Implementation of Industry 4.0 seminar
Next Tuesday, October 25th, in the Ifema pavilion in Madrid, the Implementation of Industry 4.0 seminar will be held within the framework of the Matelec Industry event.
Spain is one of the last to make the jump to the Cloud.
According to the technological consultant, Pasiona Consulting, 80.7% of Spanish companies have not implemented “cloud computing”.
eDiversa and the Health Corporation, Parc Taulí sign a collaboration agreement for the implementation of a technological platform.
Parc Taulí has entrusted the services to eDiversa for its extensive experience in the implementation of these types of projects within the health sector.
No increment in the IT investment of the Public Administration in 2016.
The investment in IT presented by governments will remain flat in 2016 despite having to lead the digital transformation of Public Administrations.
Electronic invoicing in Spain: “The greatest change since Roman times”.
La factura electrónica obligatoria supone un cambio de paradigma en España en cuanto al sistema de gestión gracias a los puntos generales de entrada de factura electrónica como FACe.
Curious initiative by the company Aqualia to encourage clients to use electronic invoices.
Aqualia has decided to encourage its customers in the use of the e-invoice. The slogan of the campaign is “Move over to the e-invoice” and the first two winners were from Badajoz and Almería.
New electronic invoicing standard for European public administrations.
November 27, 2018 is the deadline for the Spanish government to comply with the new European Community regulation.
New social network of Public Administration
The Public Administration has created a new social network: INAP Social
The payment time to suppliers of the local governments has been reduced by 75% in the majorities of the municipalities in Spain.
Electronic invoices have had an extraordinarily positive effect on payment times to their suppliers.
Improvements to the website of the General Entry Point of Electronic Invoices of Castilla-La Mancha (PeCAM).
Next Monday, the government of Castilla-La Mancha will launch their new PeCAM website with the intention of expediting and facilitating work for the suppliers of the Castilla-La Mancha government.
Global Growth of the Electronic Invoice.
The “Billentis ‘E-Invoicing/E-Billing– entering a new era 2015” Report reveals new data about the use of electronic invoicing in the world.
eDiversa sponsors “Connecting Point” at the AECOC Health Congress.
The event was an unprecedented success bringing together 230 attendees from 109 different companies related to the health sector.
2015: The year of digitalization acceleration in Spain.
Internet continues on the rise with one million more Spaniards regularly connected than in 2014.
16th Congress of the Health Sector MANAGEMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN.
On 26 of April, Madrid will celebrate its annual event for industry professionals, distribution and the hospitals organized by the multi-sector association of manufacturers and distributors, AECOC.
VI National Congress of Innovation and Public Service finishes.
The Electronic Invoice was one of the key terms in the speeches and round tables.
The National Tax Board stops the SII Project.
The biggest change in VAT management since its introduction in 1986 has been stopped.
Extension to suppliers of the Government of Cantabria.
Extension to suppliers of the Government of Cantabria of the moratorium of obligatory issue of electronic invoices under 5,000€.
Odette Annual Conference and Exposition.
In Munich, the annual Odette Conference and Exposition, an important technological event in the automotive sector is held from 30 of November to 1 of December.
Electronic VAT declaration in real time.
The National Tax Board launches the SII system that will go into effect 1 of January of 2017 and will be implemented in phases.
Spain is in the top 4 of the world ranking in on-line services for government organizations.
This important position for Spain is due to the effort of the Spanish government organizations in offering broad access to government organizations on the Internet.
Latin America with the international electronic invoice.
Mexico, Argentina and Brazil join to formalize a model for international electronic invoicing.
Electronic invoice in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
Start of the electronic invoice in Andalusia.
The electronic invoice in Spanish government organizations.
As of today, the Law 25/2013 of 27 of December takes effect obligating all suppliers of Spanish government organizations to issue their invoices over 5,000€ electronically.