Cornell University of New York, the INSEAD Business School of Paris and the World Organization of Intellectual Property (OMPI) have created a study that evaluates the Global Innovation Index (GII) whose objective is to capture the multidimensional aspects of innovation and provide tools that can help in production, improve productivity and employment growth. The GII helps create an environment that periodically evaluates innovation factors. This study details measures practiced in 141 countries that represent 95.1% of the world’s population and 98.6% of the world GDP.

One of the aspects analyzed is the degree of advancement of the public administrations and on this matter, Spain is surprisingly in fourth position of the world ranking obtaining a score of 94.49 out of 100, the same score as the United States and Japan. At the head of the ranking is France, the only country with 100 out of 100. Followed by Singapore (99.21 points) and Korea (97.64 points).

The elevated position of Spain is due to the effort of the Spanish public administrations in offering ample access to the public administration on the Internet.

The Ministry of Tax and Public Administration assures that the majority of the corporations, whether local or autonomous, already have a digital service.

The minister Cristobal Montoro said that: "Currently, 7,679 local entities adhere to the electronic invoice system, of which almost 95% are using it. Within these municipalities, there are 27 with more than 200,000 residents. Also, practically the totality of autonomous communities (except the Basque Country), plus the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, are a part of the system and are successfully using it."

The Government points out that one of its objectives is: "to implement an electronic administration, interconnected, transparent and with a clear and simple structure, capable of improving the relation of the Administration with the people and companies as well as among the Administrations."
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Source: The Global Innovation Index 2015