The life cycle of all companies starts with the definition and creation of the product or service that they are going to offer their potential clients. All companies dedicate important resources to this step. However, in recent years, it has been seen that the key factor to adding value to a company is not so much the product or service they offer, but rather their capacity to target their potential client. If in the past, companies centered all their efforts on having the best product or service, now these efforts are designated so that the products or services adjust to the client’s needs. This is the true key to a company’s success.

What does customer orientation consist of?
Customer orientation is a work methodology that turns the user into the axis around which all the company's actions revolve. In other words, all the actions of all the people who make up a company are aimed at satisfying the needs of its customers or users.

Making client orientation the central axis of a company’s strategy has many advantages. These are the principal ones:
- It allows you to understand the concerns, likes and needs of the potential client
- The company develops products or services adapted to the particularities of the client
- It creates a work culture aligned with client needs
- The work of all the company’s departments is oriented to satisfying client needs
- The strategic plans of companies adapt their interests
- Relationships are established with clients based on constant communication, which offer great benefits as far as mutual trust

What can we do at eDiversa to orient ourselves to the client?

  1. Strategy: in eDiversa, we apply the Customer Centric. This means that the client is in the center and all actions are focused on their satisfaction. One example of this is comeDiCloud, the platform that allows you to manage and store all the flow of electronic commercial documents between companies and from the cloud. The migration from the cloud is a breakthrough because it allows users to access the management platform from any place and on any device.
  2. Communication: traditionally, the channels of communication of the company highlight their strengths. In eDiversa, we use our means of communication to attend to the needs, doubts and concerns of our clients and present the products or services we have to solve them.
  3. Client service: this is our vocation. And we can do this thanks to our team, which has taken on client satisfaction as a personal objective. Also, we have a training plan for the staff of eDiversa so that we are prepared to develop the solutions that best adapt to client needs.
  4. Innovation: innovation in work processes is essential. In eDiversa, we continually review them with the aim of gaining efficiency and profitability. In this way, we can dedicate part of our resources to R+D+I and apply updates that respond to new needs as they arise.

At a time when most companies have very similar products or services, customer orientation is the key element to differentiate oneself from competitors. Knowing the user of each organization in depth is the best, and only way, to offer solutions that, in addition to being more profitable for the company, become a benchmark in the market.