eDocFriendly Company

Exchanging eDocs is our job and we do it with confidence and passion.

We are a FRIENDLY company
creative harmony.
We want you to feel a little freer every day; therefore, our goal is to lighten up your work with easy and affordable tools.
But, we also do this in a comfortable, simple and visual manner. Our objective is to make it easy for you, so our solutions are more usable, friendly and transparent.
And not only this, our team is accessible and familiar. We believe in people and lasting relationships.
We are a GLOCAL company
We believe in our roots. Our origins fill us with pride and help us work hard while looking toward the future.
A solid base so we can achieve what have proposed.
We build exchange bridges to establish universal and global relationships, without losing our way.
Here and there are merged into one: working locally we reach global clients.
We are a company of the FUTURE
ecological and sustainable.
We want to help your company be a zero-paper office: with our integrated electronic exchange solutions, you'll significantly reduce paper use in your company.
But this is not the only benefit in saving paper: by reducing use in your company, you reduce the number of trees cut and save in the amount of water and electricity necessary for the transformation of this wood into paper.
We are eDocFriendly: creative, friendly, sustainable, universal and focused on you.
Our objective is to make your procedures easier and you'll love the eDocs How does it fit in?
Very simple! The electronic document exchange solutions that we propose are so efficient and safe that your life will become easier. We take care of your documents and we'll manage and look after them so you can relax with all the assurance in the world: integrated solutions with your ERP, cloud solutions, solutions for all the standard formats, personalized solutions, solutions and more solutions. That's why we're eDocFriendly!